Entry #3

Hello NEWGROUNDS...for the thousandth time

2015-05-12 15:43:41 by DastardlyDylan

Yeah. I`m back. no one missed me. im feeling lazy today so i wont even bother putting proper grammar in my spelling. I`ve created an account,deleted it, created another account, changed the name, changed the name again to SassMyFrass, changed info, yada yada yada, you don`t care. I`ve written at least three posts saying i`m on newgrounds now. Sounding like the happy 8 year old I was. I`m 11 now. I did the most frightening thing in the world. I somewhat grew up, somewhat. How ironic considering I`m on newgrounds.com. But the thing is, I don`t know what the heck I want to do with my life. I can draw digitally,but, my paper and pen is more trusty than the wacom. I have a microphone and a pop filter and I can be dramatic and a little out there so I decided to put down voice actor. I like writing stories a lot. So, make a baby out of all those things and you get RicePirate. Wait that`s not right. You get me? I guess. someone diedin the time it took me to write this.



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2015-05-12 16:39:45

Get started on animation or whatever you like to do or want to do. It's great that you're thinking about your future when you're so young. I didn't even think about the future until my junior year of high school. The quicker you make the decision the more time you have to accomplish that dream.

DastardlyDylan responds:

I don`t think I`d ever be good at animation. My gut doesn`t feel it. Thank you so much for the comment. Voice acting sounds like a possibility. I never even realized that I could do more than one thing, and stick to the things I`m good at.


2015-05-12 17:53:39

Like PsychedelicSamurai, I think that it's great that you're thinking about this stuff now. It seems that you've already got yourself a repertoire that you can work on to see where each skill takes you. You've got some time, though, so it's not as stressful as if you were my age (funnily enough, I am just finishing up junior year). Take some little, tiny, baby steps, as you'll find your life's calling eventually.

But I will also say that you shouldn't just stick to one thing; try different things out and see where they take you. It's good to have a decision, but you have to make sure it's right. That's why there's usually an "undecided" option when choosing college majors (if you're going to college), as you can switch if you want to (it might be a hassle, though, I'm not sure). I myself, for example, want to go into English/Creative Writing stuff, but I could also go into the Visual Arts (excluding dancing and acting). Of course, you might even branch away from drawing, voice acting, or writing and just go into something like biochemistry or anthropology. That's for you to decide.

Sorry for the long comment, by the way.