Yeah. I`m back. no one missed me. im feeling lazy today so i wont even bother putting proper grammar in my spelling. I`ve created an account,deleted it, created another account, changed the name, changed the name again to SassMyFrass, changed info, yada yada yada, you don`t care. I`ve written at least three posts saying i`m on newgrounds now. Sounding like the happy 8 year old I was. I`m 11 now. I did the most frightening thing in the world. I somewhat grew up, somewhat. How ironic considering I`m on But the thing is, I don`t know what the heck I want to do with my life. I can draw digitally,but, my paper and pen is more trusty than the wacom. I have a microphone and a pop filter and I can be dramatic and a little out there so I decided to put down voice actor. I like writing stories a lot. So, make a baby out of all those things and you get RicePirate. Wait that`s not right. You get me? I guess. someone diedin the time it took me to write this.



2014-06-18 20:57:13 by DastardlyDylan

Yup, we get out fro  school in less than two days. TWO DAYS!!! So I just wante to tell you that I am officially announcing that NecroBunnie games will be calle NecroSoft which is short for NecroBunnie software. I have also decided to make Leap a 4 player story game Where they each come in handy.So I shall do way more artwork for Leap: the game and a new story for my character ,Ralph, who is uncontrollably homicidal. I am making a decsision to be more active on Newgrounds and make more drawings. So I`m just going to stick to the kind of basic stuff right now like flash games and sort of defferr Leap`s programming and stick to character sketching. So I will start drawing dark stuff with pens and paper in a sort of advanced way and then share it here for the world.5055654_140313932212_Necrounniesoftware.tif


2014-05-27 16:46:29 by DastardlyDylan

welcome to my new newgrounds account my old one was called Crazydcomix but I deleted everything on it to start this new account. I make melancholy games with unatural themes or I would make games about test subjects. I also love art and audio so I should have some up soon. Everthing on this account is mine even though it was on crazydcomix before. I like making strange themes up for my flash games that will really give the player a feeling of what the cause and affect is of the games. I also love strange poetry *cough*cough* Edgar allen poe *cough. So what is NecroBunnie Games you ask? well, it is just an independent game devoloper and his friends making those strange, unatural dreams come true. The NecroBunnie himself is just a bunnie who looks like death trying to conquer the existence of immortality for it does not deserve to exist. So if you have any questions put them down in the comments